Our story


One third of food production is wasted

That's 1.3 billion ton kilo per year worldwide! Wasting food occurs in the whole foodchain. We want to change this by turning food surplus into delicious meals.


We pick up unsold products at local Albert Heijns (super markets) and other producers

Like fruits and vegetables with some imperfections, one day old bread and the surplus of meat and fish.

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Holy guacamole


Do you want to support our mission? Come and eat at Instock!

Book a table in one of our restaurants, give a cookbook as a gift, drink a Pieper Bier or grab a bite at our food truck that drives through the whole country. You can also hire Instock for private events!


We don't do it alone

It's because of YOU we can rescue food.
Join us! You can not only save food by eating at Instock, but also from your own fridge. Our cookbook can help! You can also make an effort with your organization.

Join us!