Instock to the rescue: 5 recipes to rescue potatoes

17 October 2017
Potato lovers

Dutch people love potatoes. We all grew up with our mother preparing potatoes with vegetables and a piece of meat for us. Hotchpot with potato is also an essential dish in the Dutch food culture. Despite our big love for potatoes, we also waste a lot of them. Annually, 340.000.000 kilo potato is being wasted throughout the production chain. We thinks that’s a shame and that’s why we have five recipes for you to make sure that you won’t ever have to waste any potatoes again.

1. Potato croquettes

Do you have some boiled potatoes left? No worries, you can make lovely potato croquettes with it. And the good part is that you can also freeze them. That way you can make some croquettes every time you have some boiled potatoes left, and bake them once you’ve made enough!

  • Saute an onion and some garlic. Mash the boiled potatoes with the onion and garlic and add some herbs to your taste. Do you like spicy? Add some curry paste to the mixture. Add some beaten egg, little by little, until you have a smooth mixture;
  • Form little croquettes from the mixture with your hands and let them set in the fridge. Roll the croquettes through some flower, then through beaten egg and lastly through some bread-crumbs to give them a nice coating;
  • Freeze the croquettes or fry them right away in some hot oil until they’re brown.
2. Spanish tortilla

You can make tortilla with either boiled or baked potatoes. Slices or cubes? It doesn’t matter, you can use any. Don’t forget to dive into your fridge and freezer to see what ingredients you’ve got in stock for the filling. What do you think of sun dried tomatoes with salami? Or eggplant with some blue cheese? This dish is also very nice when it’s cold, so it’s perfect to take with you the next day for lunch!

  • Heat some oil in a frying pan with a thick bottom and saute a red onion and some garlic. Cut you potatoes into smaller pieces if necessary and add them to the pan. Fry everything shortly, add your filling and season it with some pepper, salt and herbs;
  • Beat a few eggs and poor it over the potato mixture. Make sure that the potato mixture is evenly divided throughout the pan and the mixture is (almost) completely covered with the beaten egg. Lower the fire and place the lid over the pan. Fry the tortilla until the egg is completely solidified.
3. Gnocchi

It’s quite easy to make your own gnocchi, plus it’s a lot cheaper and tastier than the ones from the store. Do you have some tomatoes or bell peppers left over? You can make a delicious sauce of those to complete your rescued meal.

  • Peal and cook your potatoes. Drain them and make a smooth puree of it with a masher or a sieve, without adding any water or milk, and let the puree cool down. Add flower and egg and stir until everything is well blended. You need approximately 100 grams of flower and 1 egg per 400 grams of potato;
  • Kneed the potato mixture for about five minutes until it’s a little bit elastic and you can form a nice ball. Is it a little sticky? Add some more flower;
  • Form a few strands of the potato mixture with a diameter of one centimeter. Cut these strands into pieces of 2 to 3 centimeter and give the pieces some texture by pressing a fork gently into them. This way, more sauce will stick to you gnocchi.
  • Boil the gnocchi for about 8 minutes in a large pan with salted water. The gnocchi is ready when it floats up. Take the gnocchi out of the water, put it on a plate and poor your sauce over it generously.
4. Potato fish cookies

These potato fish cookies are great for lunch or as a side with your dinner. You can also make mini cookies and serve them as a snack. Do you prefer vegetarian food? It’s really easy to make a vegetarian variation, you just replace the fish with some tofu.

  • Mash your left over potato roughly and add a beaten egg. Mix this until you get a nice thick mixture. Is it too moist? Add some bread-crumbs. Then you add some fish, a spring onion, salt and pepper. You can use salmon or codfish for instance. You can flavor the cookies however you like. Do you feel like eating Thai? Add some thai green curry. Feeling more like eating Chinese? Add some five spices powder;
  • Kneed the mixture into little burgers and bake them brown in some oil. Eat them right away with some aioli or chili sauce for example.
5. Zero waste rösti

Rösti is a dish that’s eaten around the globe and there are many different ways to prepare it. This is our favorite version. It’s best to use some crumbly potatoes for this recipe. Do you have some vegetables left over? You can just grate them and mix them with the potato. If you do this, make sure that you add a beaten egg to bind everything together.

  • Grate 500 grams of washed potatoes with their skin and put them into a steam basket. Steam the potatoes for about five to seven minutes. If you don’t have a steam basket you can also use a drainer and a pan with boiling water;
  • Season the grated potato with some salt and push it into a mold. You can use a baking sheet covered with same baking paper. Make sure that you divide the potato symmetrically and cool the grates potato for at least three hours in the fridge;
  • Heat some vegetable oil in a frying pan to 180 degrees Celsius. Take the grated potato out of the fridge and cut it into pieces. Fry the rösti three to five minutes until it’s crispy. Add some more salt and you’re ready to enjoy it!


Well, now you don’t ever have to waste any potatoes anymore. Do you want to rescue even more potatoes? Try our Pieper Bier, which is made from rescued potatoes! Or do you want to get more of these recipes? Follow us on Instagram.