Instock Challenge

Ruby van den Broek Creative Designer
31 December 2019
Instock Challenge: no food waste for 31 days!

Did you know that we, as consumers, are responsible for 42% of all food waste? And that we waste about 41 kilo per person per year at home? What if everyone in The Netherlands would decide to stop wasting any food for a year… In that case we would rescue 700 million kilo from being wasted! We think that this would be an excellent new years resolution for 2018. But we know that a year might be a bit too much, so let’s start with a month. We dare you to join the Instock Challenge starting January first. The idea is simple: do not waste any food for 31 days. Will you join us?

We’ll share all our tips & tricks to help you during this challenge. From recipes to cooking techniques and from food facts to zero waste products, you will find everything on our Facebook page. Do you want to make sure that nothing slips through? Just change your Facebook settings,  so our messages will always be the first thing to pop up in your news feed. Ofcourse you can also keep a sharp eye on this blog.

We’d love to see how you’re doing in the next 31 days, using all your purchased food without wasting any. Share your tips, questions and results with #instockchallenge on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Post your best dishes from leftovers, most creative solutions to store food and your most delicious preserving recipes. Do you run into any problems? Just let us know and we’ll help you out!

Game rules:
* do not throw away any food for 31 days to prevent food waste
* The challenge starts the 1st of January
* Share your experiences and ask your zero waste questions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #instockchallenge
* Oh and ehm… the most fanatic food rescuer will receive a nice price in February!

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