De Instock Masterclass met Chef Lucas

Masterclass Instock Cooking

Under the guise of “conservation you can learn”, we organize master classes where we share the tips & tricks from our cookbook Instock Cooking. You will learn to experiment with what you have in stock: not only fun, but also better for the environment and cheaper. Win win! Our Chefs will tell you more about various creative sessions where you smell and taste the most delicious flavor combinations. We have divided the cooking techniques from the cookbook into two types of Masterclasses. The Masterclasses take place in the Stockroom of Instock Amsterdam. Check our events page for dates and information per Masterclass.



#1 Masterclass Instock Cooking: inmaken, fermenteren en vriezen

In this Masterclass we will go deeper into the preservation techniques preserving of pickling, fermenting and freezing. Pickling in sweet and sweet and sour is something that has been done for a long time by our ancestors. Pickling in sweet usually means making jam. When pickling in sweet and sour, many people immediately think of pickles, but you can do so much more with pickling in sweet and sour! You can pick anything: from cauliflower and cucumber to carrot and potatoes. Fermentation is a preservation technique that is used in all kinds of products without you knowing it. For example, cheese, beer, coffee, kimchi and ketchup are all fermented. Freezing is fairly ‘new’, we have been freezing a lot since the invention of the freezer. In addition to freezing to extend the shelf life of your food, you can also do creative things with your freezer, such as making granite or ice cream.



#2 Masterclass Instock Cooking: pekelen, roken, drogen en konfijten in vet

In this Masterclass we take a closer look at the preservation techniques of brining, smoking, drying and preserving fat. Brining was often done by the shipping industry in the past, by placing products with salt it gave them a longer shelf life and gave them a nice salty taste. Smoking is an old Dutch technique that does not so much converse, but also gives a delicious taste. Well-dried products also last a long time. Fat confit is often done with meat, but for the veggies we also have a method with potatoes!






Instock CookingInstock Cooking kookboek

De Masterclasses zijn gebaseerd op het kookboek Instock Cooking. Zonder dat je erbij stilstaat, gooien we per persoon 41 kilo eten per jaar in de afvalbak. Het kookboek Instock Cooking laat zien hoe je van overgebleven producten juist iets unieks creëert. Eeuwenoude conserveringstechnieken leggen we op een toegankelijke manier uit. Denk aan inmaken in zoetzuur, inmaken in zoet, fermenteren, drogen, invriezen, pekelen, konfijten en roken. Als je een ticket aanschaft voor Masterclass Instock Cooking kun je korting krijgen op het kookboek Instock Cooking!