Nominations and awards


Nominations and awards Instock

* August 2014: Instock nominated by the Guardian for the top 10 restaurants of Amsterdam
* October 2014: Instock wins Green ribbon by GroenLinks (The Dutch Green Left Party)
* November 2014: Selma in the Sustainable Young 100 list
* January 2015: Instock nominated for the Best Start-Up Award 2015 category at ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year
* October 2015: Instock receives the Making Ideas Happen Award 2015 from Ahold
* October 2015: Selma attends the World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos on behalf of Global Shapers community
* January 2016: Instock founders in the European Forbes 30 under 30 list
* May 2016: Freke in the Sustainable Young 100 list and elected as a figurehead
* November 2016: Bart #57 in the FavorFlav Top 100 Food Influencers List of 2016
* November 2016: Instock nominated for Best Training Company in the Food Service Industry 2016
* June 2017: Instock wins Green Ribbon by GroenLinks (The Dutch Green Left Party)
* June 2017: Instock wins prizes for Best Restaurant of the province of Utrecht and Best Restaurant of the city of The Hague at the Best Restaurant Election
* June 2017: Instock is nominated for the Sustainability Award by the Nature and Environment Federation of Utrecht
* June 2017: Bart is elected to be in the Sustainable Young 100 list
* August 2017: Instock nominated for the Natuur en Milieu Utrecht Duurzaamheidsprijs
* October 2017: Instock wins Duurzame Week Horeca Award
* October 2017: Freke is number 21 of the Duurzame 100 van Trouw
* October 2017: Instock wins NMU Duurzaamheidsprijs
* October 2017: Instock is one of the last 2 of the DAM-prijs, stadsdeel Centrum
* October 2017: Bart is nominated for the Amsterdamse Ondernemersprijs
*  November 2017: Instock is finalist for the People’s Choice Award of The Circulars 2018
* December 2017: Instock Utrecht is nominated for the Leukste Restaurant van Utrecht 2018
*  January 2018: Instock is second at the People’s Choice Award van The Circulars 2018
*  October 2018: Selma is Gamechanger in the Food100-2018
*  October 2019: Freke is in the Food100 2019
* March 2020: InstockMarket is nominated for the  Blue Tulip award 2020