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Meet the instockies

In the last two years, our team has grown bigger and bigger whilst only becoming more enthusiastic about our mission. We have one thing in common that’s as plain as day: we love food… And we hate wasting it! The Instock crew consists out of many different people with various tasks. How about our creative kitchen team (better known as our artists), our bubbly waiters, and our food rescue drivers? The latter even rise at the crack of dawn to pick up our products! Not to mention our office heroes. They focus themselves upon new projects like our Pieper Bier and the cook book Instock Cooking. Do you want to become an Instockie too? Then check our vacancy page.



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The founders

Selma, Merel, Bart and Freke met each other at Albert Heijn. Being assistant supermarket managers, they saw the opportunity to create a better destination for unsold products. That’s the reason why they realized Instock with the support of Albert Heijn. The founders made people revalue surplus products by means of their restaurant, products and catering service. Moreover, Instock wants to create awareness around food waste and inform people about the possibilities to prevent it from happening. Instock is a social enterprise, which means that our mission will always come first. The founders Selma, Bart and Freke are still the current board of Instock. 

“We cannot indefinitely continue to produce, consume and discard. The time has come for new initiatives that challenge to take a different point of view at the society and our food system.”

Het Team

People are often surprised when they taste our great dishes, made of rescued food.

Bart Roetert


If you think the economy is more important than our climate, try counting your money while holding your breath.

Selma Seddik


We can’t keep on producing, consuming and throw away products. The time is now for new initiatives who dare to challenge our society and food system.

Freke van Nimwegen



Chef Amsterdam

It’s great to be part of a team with the same mission: reducing food waste!

Jeroen Krabbendam

Logistics Manager

Foto van Farinaz

I think waste is really a shame so we have to do something about it!
Together with a great team, I want to combat food waste.

Farinaz Bouteie

Finance Employee

We are looking for new colleagues! Go to the Vacancies page for more info.