Food Rescue Center

Rescue vegetables and fruit with your restaurant/catering business

Rescue vegetables and fruit with your restaurant/catering business

In the last four years we’ve rescued over 700.000 kilo food with our restaurants and products! This is a great accomplishment, but it’s not enough. Because there’s a lot more food still being wasted, mostly vegetables and fruit. More than our guests can eat… So it’s time to change things up!

What if…  all restaurants and catering businesses would cook with surplus food? Well, that’s possible! Instock opened her own Food Rescue Center in 2017: a sorting center where unsold products (mostly vegetables and fruit) are collected and sorted. This way everyone can buy circular products so we can save thousands of kilo’s together!

Buy circulair vegetables and fruit at

At you can buy circular potatoes, vegetables and fruit for your restaurant/catering business at Instock. These products are divided into 21 categories like citrus, different kinds of tomatoes, Mediterranean vegetables or a variety of cabbages. You can order these products in our webshop and they will be delivered for free* the next day.

Are you the pioneer that will serve dishes from surplus food and contribute to a sustainable food chain? Become a customer of the first Food Rescue Center in the world! Mail to for more information.


Available products


Ripe bananas
Juice oranges
Pears & stone fruits
Soft fruits
Tropical fruit


Broccoli & cauliflower
Courgette & eggplant
Instock specials
Cucumber & celery
Leek & onion
Root vegetables

Other products

Pieper Bier
Bammetjes Bier
Instock Granola
Instock tote bags