Met Instock Granola ga je de strijd tegen voedselverspilling aan. Kies voor de smaak amandel, honing kaneel of kokos, chocolade, noten.

Instock Granola

Beer for breakfast

Granola made from spent grains

After the launch of our beers.Instock felt the need to develop a breakfast for heroes after creating our beer for heroes. That’s why we thought of beer for breakfast: a delicious granola made from brewers’ grains. What’s not to love? Brewers’ grains are the solid residue of malt; they are left after the process of brewing beer. It often goes to waste, but we know that the grains are a perfect candidate for a delicious product!
You can start the day as a hero by eating our saved granola!

About Instock Granola

Instock Granola is made from a combination between spent grains, oats, crispy seeds, almonds, cinnamon and honey. The granola is nice and crunchy, nutritious and rich in fibers. The main ingredient ‘spent grains’ makes that our Granola contains three times as much fibers than other breakfast grains. Start your day in a very responsible and tasty way with Instock Granola!

Price per bag (of 350 grams): €3,75


De circulaire weg van de Instock bieren en Instock Granola

Where to buy your Instock Granola

Get your Instock Granola at our online shop

Or order your bag online at Albert Heijn.

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Instock Granola

Best Before dates

Just like we did with the label of Pieper Bier, the best before date on our granola has changed into an “at least delicious until” date. Around 42% of all food waste occurs at home, and that’s partially due to a wrong interpretation of the best before dates. With our statement date, we hope to create awareness around food waste and the difference between best before dates and expiration dates.

Instock Granola

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Did you know that bread and potatoes are two of the most wasted products of The Netherlands? Although we love to cook with these products at our restaurant, we found out that there are much more ways to use them. That is why we created our very own Instock Beer. Pieper Bier is made of rescued potatoes and Bammetjes Bier is made of rescued bread.

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Every year, we waste about 47 kilos of food per person. That’s why we have made Instock Cookbooks which help you to waste less food at home ánd to cook climate friendly meals. In Instock Cooking you will read and learn about the eight conserving techniques. With Circular Chefs you will get to know the five principals of circular cooking.