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One third of all food production does not even make it until our plates. To rescue more food than we already did, we started to experiment again with with food surplus. Together with an Amsterdam based brewery we developed unique food waste beers: Pieper Bier made from rescued potatoes, Bammetjes Bier made from rescued bread and Boos Bier made of rescued raspberries! Cheers!

Pieper Bier

Food Waste
The Dutch have always been crazy about potatoes, and yet we are letting 340 million kilos go to waste each year. The reasons are of various natures: overproduction, excessively high quality standards and aesthetic demands all cause the potato to end up in the garbage bin. That’s why we make potato beer from rescued potatoes!

Pieper Bier’s taste
Pieper Bier has got a unique taste. The neutral taste of the potatoes cause the hop to stand out more, which translates into a floral bitter taste that is reminiscent of a Pale Ale.

About the potatoes
A part of it comes from the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn, but we’re also supplied by a potato packaging company.

Pieper biertje

Bammetjes Bier

Food waste
Right behind dairy, bread is the product being wasted most in The Netherlands. We daily consume 60 kilos of bread a year, from which 20% is being wasted. That is why we are delighted to tell that we succeeded to turn bread into beer! Our bread beer is named Bammetjes and can be called Pieper Bier’s twin!

Bammetjes Bier’s taste
This bread beer tastes like a Weizen. This craft beer has got a summers character and because of her special recipe, she has a light yeast smile and a banana hint.

About the bread
While brewing Bammetjes Bier, different types of bread has been used. Eventually, you will rescue two slices of bread by drinking just one beer!

Boos Bier

This raspberry beer was a cool limited edition!

Boos Bier is going to make you happy! With this limited edition beer you will fight against food waste. Raspberries are very fragile, they quickly become soft. As a result, they are regularly rejected for sale – often in large quantities. By adding these raspberries to the brewing process, not a single raspberry is lost. Fun fact: with one beer you rescue a handful of raspberries! How does this beer taste? Fresh, fruity and full of flavor. White beer, but slightly different. Cheers!

Sounds nice doesn’t it? Who knows, it might come back in the future… ; )


Boos Bier

"Delicious until at least..."

The way in which we label our beer includes a playful nod towards the common shelf life. Manufacturers are obligated to incorporate a “best before” date on the label of their product. The expiration date often leads to confusion, because consumers wrongfully believe that they have to throw away the products that have passed this date. Taking into consideration that 42 percent of the food waste occurs in households, we think that the current legislation could use an update. Interested? Check our our food waste page!


Pieper Bier and Bammetjes Bier are now available online! You can order our products now at circular webshop LoopedGoods.

Are you an entrepreneur and do you have your own bar, restaurant, webshop or wholesale and do you want to battle food waste with us? Order our tasty and sustainable craft beers! E-mail your request to and we’ll contact you!

Pieper Biertjes


Give us your opinion on Untappd We would like to know your thoughts!


Give us your opinion on Untappd We would like to know your thoughts!

Instock Granola

While brewing our beers, we found out brewer’s residue: ‘spent grains’. Spent grains are the nutritious malt left-over. That’s why we we made in association with bakery Ribbink our delicious Instock Granola. Available in two different flavors: almonds, cinnamon, honey and coconut, chocolate, nuts. Let’s make cereal impact together!

Instock Cookbooks

Every year, we waste about 47 kilos of food per person. That’s why we have made Instock Cookbooks which help you to waste less food at home ánd to cook climate friendly meals. In Instock Cooking you will read and learn about the eight conserving techniques. With Circular Chefs you will get to know the five principals of circular cooking.