De Instock Kookboeken Instock Cooking en Circular Chefs waarmee je zelf voedselverspilling op de kaart kunt zetten!

Instock Cookbooks

Rescue food at home with the Instock Cookbooks!

Instock Cookbooks

Every year we throw away  41 kilos of food per person. This has an enormous impact on our planet. That is why we published two cookbooks that will help you to waste less ánd make more sustainable choices in your kitchen. In Instock Cooking you will read and learn everything about eight preservation techniques. With Circular Chefs you will get to know the five principals of circular cooking. That way you can fight food waste at home as well!

Instock Cooking is available in Dutch and French (called Cuisine Zéro Gâchis)
Circular Chefs is available in Dutch and will be published in English in November

Instock Cooking

With Instock Cooking, we dare you to cook with the food that you have in stock. The book is structured around the basis of eight different preservation techniques: pickling in sweet and sweet & sour liquids, fermenting, freezing, curing, smoking, drying and confit in grease or oil. After learning about these techniques, it’s a whole lot easier to give your otherwise wasted products a second chance! For that reason, we decided to create flexible recipes: there are always multiple combinations of ingredients. No tomatoes on the shelf? Go for a bell pepper! This way, you don’t have to waste anymore.

Experimenting with what you have in stock is not just cheaper and better for the environment; it’s a lot of fun too! By using preserving methods, you can turn your overripe banana into a healthy dried snack and your leftover cucumber into a tasty pickle. The best part of it all? You can then use these new ingredients to create the most delicious meals!


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Circular Chefs

Taking the bike more often, taking shorter showers, fly less; all well-known ways to reduce your impact on the environment. But did you know that one third of all climate change is caused by what we eat and drink? With Circular Chefs you will taste and experience how to keep your food foot print as low as possible – without sacrificing taste! Based on five principals we will guide you through the different aspects of circular cooking. Both our own and a good number of other talented chefs share their climate-friendly recipes. Think of vegan dishes with seasonal vegetables, male meat, cooking from skin to seed and preserving to ensure that nothing is wasted.

The five principals:

1. Choose plant based
Choose the unappreciated
Enjoy from skin to seed and from nose to tale
Preserve what is left
Circular inside and out of the kitchen

With recipes from Joris Bijdendijk, Rudolf Brand, Lucas Jeffries, Samuel Levie, Freek van Noortwijk, Sil Peppelenbosch, Nel Schellekens, Sven van der Spek, Estée Strooker and more.

Leer klimaatvriendelijk koken met het Instock Kookboek Circular Chefs

More Instock products!

Instock Beer

Did you know that bread and potatoes are two of the most wasted products of The Netherlands? Although we love to cook with these products at our restaurants, we found out that there are much more ways to use them. That is why we created our very own Instock Beer. Pieper Bier is made of rescued potatoes and Bammetjes Bier is made of rescued bread.

Instock Granola

While brewing our beers, we found out brewer’s residue: ‘spent grains’. Spent grains are the nutritious malt left-over. That’s why we we made in association with bakery Ribbink our delicious Instock Granola. Available in two different flavors: almonds, cinnamon, honey and coconut, chocolate, nuts. Let’s make cereal impact together!