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Rescuing food in your own kitchen


Hurray! We have got the new Instock Cooking books! After being sold out for weeks, we finally received the newest copies of our cookbook Instock Cooking.  And… It comes in size Extra Large! The cookbook got 32 extra pages with food waste facts and brand new recipes. Besides all tasty preserving techniques, you will also read about how to decrease your own food print, what to make from bycatch fish and which plants and herbes to find in your own street. Order the newest copy of Instock Cooking on, circular webshop LoopedGoods or obviously in one of our own restaurants.



We might not realize it, but we throw away about 47 kilos of food per person per year. In response to that, we made our cook book Instock Cooking! It’s an accessible guide for how to create something unique out of surplus products. The book is structured around the basis of eight different preservation techniques: pickling in sweet and sweet & sour liquids, fermenting, freezing, curing, smoking, drying and confit in grease or oil. After learning about these techniques, it’s a whole lot easier to give your otherwise wasted products a second chance!

Cookbook Instock Cooking

With Instock Cooking, we dare you to cook with the food that you have in stock. For that reason, we decided to create flexible recipes: there are always multiple combinations of ingredients. No tomatoes on the shelf? Go for a bell pepper! This way, you don’t have to waste anymore. Experimenting with what you have in stock is not just cheaper and better for the environment; it’s a lot of fun too! By using preserving methods, you can turn your overripe banana into a healthy dried snack and your leftover cucumber into a tasty pickle. The best part of it all? You can then use these new ingredients to create the most delicious meals!

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