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One third of all food is wasted. We want to put food waste on the map! At our wholesale for rescued products ‘InstockMarket’ we collect residual streams and create as much value as possible for growers, products and middlemen on the one hand and help the catering industry to get surprisingly good products for the best price on the other hand.
We also hope to contribute to raising awareness about food waste in a fun and positive way, because eating is about enjoying! We see that in recent decades we have become increasingly distant from our food. In this day and age, we don’t have to put much effort into our food, we have a lot of choice and there is food in abundance. We hope to bring food closer again through the cookbooks Instock Cooking and Circular Chefs, Pieper and Bammetjes Beer and our Instock Granola.

According to a study by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), about thirty percent of all our food is wasted. That comes down to a worldwide wastage of 1.3 billion tons of food a year. The Dutch consumer throws away around 47 kilos of food on an annual basis, which translates into an amount of 2.5 billion euros. However, food waste is not just about the loss of money; in the process of packaging, transporting, cooling and preparing the food, a great deal of effort is spoiled as well. The wastage affects everyone, from farmer to consumer. It is for this reason that food waste is an issue within the entire food chain. We believe that the best way to deal with the problem is to join forces with all the involved parties, and combine that with a creative entrepreneurial mindset.

At InstockMarket’s Food Rescue Center all products are checked every day for quality. In this we follow the rules of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The products that come into the Food Rescue Center are often surpluses or products with a cosmetic flaw. We handle these with care and in this way we ensure that the food professionals receive beautiful products from which they can make beautiful dishes.
In terms of food waste, you can make a distinction between usable and unusable food waste. Unusable is all the food that is actually no longer consumable according to food safety guidelines, such as meat that has passed its expiration date. Usable waste is the food that is thrown away while it is still fit for consumption.
We obviously only use this usable part of waste. You can think of a net of oranges with one bad one but the rest is fine or a cauliflower or chicory that is slightly discolored and therefore no longer sold. But also meat that has a short expiration date to be sent to the stores.