Truck & Catering

Drives through the whole country

Truck & Catering

We transformed an old Mercedes Benz fire engine into an Instock food truck, and made it recognizable too by painting it in our trademark green Instock-color! With this truck, we can serve meals that are made with surplus ingredients throughout the Netherlands. At Instock, we cook with products that would have been wasted otherwise. Our food rescue drivers rise before dawn to pick up foodstuff at Albert Heijn supermarkets. Those products cannot be sold there anymore, but they are still in good condition and meet all the food safety standards. Think of blemished bananas, one-day-old bread and a batch of oranges that carries a rotten one too. They deserve a second chance, right? Because the products we pick up differ from day to day, it is a surprise what is served in our food truck. Our dishes range from warm meals to salads, toasties, soups, quiches and juices. The food truck has built-in speakers, so you can boogie while enjoying our dishes at the same time!

Tim den Besten interviews our food truck guests:

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Food Truck

Our food truck drives throughout the country. From soup to French toast – we serve all kinds of things. It does depend on the harvest of the day, though! For example, our pièce de résistance is the Instock potato: roasted on the barbecue, stuffed with chilli peppers and topped with fresh curd and cheese.

Instock Foodtruck


No room for a big food truck at your party? No problem, you can also opt for catering only! Just like with the food truck, you can choose for different types of dishes. Those all depend on the harvest of the day. A nice addition is our Instock Bar. It takes up less space than the truck, but it impresses nonetheless. This bar is suitable for various purposes: serving Pieper Bier, rescued hot dogs… Whatever you feel like!