Truck & Catering

Drives through the whole country

Truck & Catering

We transformed an old fire engine into an Instock food truck. With this truck we can serve delicious dishes, that are made with surplus ingredients, throughout the Netherlands. Our dishes range from warm meals to good filled burritos and artisan granola. We’ll create a menu that fits with your wishes. The food truck has built-in speakers, so you can boogie while enjoying our dishes at the same time! 

100% of the guests who have hired our catering would recommend us!

Catering options

  • Food Truck
    Is ready to serve the most delicious rescued appetizers and dishes!
  • Instock Bar
    Not enough space for a food truck? No problem! Our Instock Bar is a perfect alternative! This bar is suitable for various purposes: serving Pieper Bier, delicious dishes, appetizers and many more.  Whatever you feel like!
  • Just catering
    It’s possible to prepare the dishes and appetizers at the kitchen of Instock.  After that, we’ll directly deliver it to your event location.

Reactions of our guests

Instock provides the most delicious and sustainable catering! We can say that.. but if our guests say it, it is much more credible of course! In this video Tim den Besten asks everyone: how does it taste: rescued catering? Well, ‘delicious’!