Romantic dinner in Amsterdam

Rescuing food together

Romantic dinner in Amsterdam

Would you like to have a romantic dinner in Amsterdam? You’ve found a great place to do just so.
We’d love to welcome you in our restaurant!

You’ll be welcomed warmly when you enter the restaurant and you’ll be escorted to your table. The wine glasses will be waiting for you, a candle will be burning romantically and a lovely smell will come out of the kitchen. We’ll start the night with a personal explanation of the menu, and you’ll get some pickles and bread for the first appetite. You can toast on a lovely night out together with subtle music on the background. A little bit later the first course will be served. We’ll explain the dish personally and after that the enjoyment can begin. The next courses will come out of the kitchen one by one and you’ll go from one creative dish to the another tasteful piece of artwork. Are you crazy about wine? Good! We have a wine arrangement that compliments the menu.

romantic dinner in amsterdam

Dining at Instock

A dinner at Instock is not just delicious and romantic, it’s also sustainable. We serve dishes that are made of products that otherwise would have been wasted. This way you help reducing food waste and this has a positive impact on the environment. So you’ll go home with a good feeling for sure. Oh and.. to make it even more romantic we have live music every saterday night!

Do you prefer not to eat meat of fish? No problem! We always have a vegetarian option. It’s also no problem to adjust the menu to other dietary wishes of allergies. As long as we know it in advance, we can prepare something within your wishes. To book a table, you can place a reservation below or you can call +31(0)203635765.

Psst.. we also have a restaurant in Utrecht en Den Haag