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Support Your Locals

A grocery box filled with delicious items coming from (ánd to support) local producers

Support Your Locals Amsterdam

The Hospitality industry is having a hard time. This is a disaster for chefs and restaurateurs, but also for the local producers that have this industry as their biggest client. Together with a fellow entrepreneurs, we’ve launched Support Your Locals within 48 hours.  With Support Your Locals you’ll receive a box full of local goods at home ánd you’ll support small producers and suppliers at the same time. Who you’ll be supporting? Amongst others: Milkman MOMA, MAMA bakery, Lindenhoff, Brandt & Levie Worst sausage makers and…Instock! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had the honor of selling a great amount of boxes. From our regular grocery box to our ‘Borrel box’ and a Vegetarian box. Good news: we now deliver within the adjecent areas of Amsterdam too! Find out more on

Would you like to receive these good and artisan products at your doorstep? No worries! Order your box here.

Support Your Locals

Instock’s contribution to Support Your Locals

We’ve written a blog about it! (In Dutch). Read it here.

The products: what to cook?

Our chefs have been experimenting with different recipes to give you plenty of inspiration for the tastiest dishes! With these recipes you’ll turn your local groceries into delicious meals. Are you going for puffed eggplant? Or maybe prefer a pumpkin gnocchi instead? Oh well, why don’t you try both! 😉 Find all recipes here. We are dying to know about your cooking skills, so don’t forget to share your masterpieces on social media!


Support Your Locals has drawn the attention of several (Dutch) media outlets! From Jinek to EenVandaag. Check out the complete overview right here.