What to do in Amsterdam: 11x the best hotspots!

6 September 2017
What to do in Amsterdam: 11x the best hotspots!

Amsterdam’s local nickname is Mokum and it’s no wonder that the city is called Mokums Paradise; the options in this city are endless! So, what to do in Amsterdam? It doesn’t matter if you want to wander around the canals between the skewed houses, if you want to have a beer in a brown café, if you want to see the original paintings from Rembrandt van Rijn or if you want to be called names by an old Dutch lady; anything is possible. There are around 438 restaurant within a 3k range in Amsterdam. This means that there are more choices than you can imagine. So we made a list for you – in case you want to explore Amsterdam or if you think you’ve seen it all – with 11 hotspots, including some awesome events! Let’s go!

What to do in Amsterdam: Sloterplas / West Beach Filmfestival
What to do in Amsterdam – Green & Culture: Sloterplas / West Beach Filmfestival
#1: GREEN & CULTURE: Sloterstrand / West Beach Filmfestival

Is it possible to enjoy the water in Amsterdam besides the canals? Yes it is! There is a beach called ‘Sloterstrand’, which opened it’s doors last year in the New West area of Amsterdam. It’s a fun sand beach with a sunbathing area underneath the trees, a volleyball field, and food trucks. Each year there’s also the Open Air West Beach Film Festival. Trust us, you don’t want to miss that! For 10 nights in a row movies are being displayed for free. You can even dance the night away after the movie in the Silent Disco. Popcorn, movie, music and boogie… Hello good vibes! 


What to do in Amsterdam: #2 Electric Ladyland
What to do in Amsterdam – Culture: Electric Ladyland
#2: CULTURE: Electric ladyland

If you want to turn your visit to a museum into a genuine experience, you should visit Electric Ladyland. This place – named after Jimi Hendrix’s music album from 1968 – is hidden in a small side street of one of the Jordanian canals and it’s almost untraceable. But what’s so special about it? It’s the first and only museum for fluorescent art and it really makes you plunge in the world of psychedelic colors! Owner and artist Nick Padalino is the guide for the tours through the museum. We bet that you will feel like a Flower Power hippy from the 70’s in no-time!

Address: Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5, Amsterdam city center

What to do in Amsterdam - Shopping: IJhallen
What to do in Amsterdam – Shopping: IJhallen
#3: SHOPPING: Ijhallen

This is the very best place to score undiscovered bargains! The IJhallen is the biggest flea market of Europe and it’s a true treasure hunt for the most divergent items: over sized nail jackets from your grandpa’s age, cheesy lp’s of european folk music, enigmatic kitchenware and the most varicolored Persian carpets. Wake up early, bring a giant bag and a stack of cash, because you are about to score! And you don’t have to feel guilty, because buying things second handed is sustainable after all. North side of Amsterdam, here we come!

Address: T.T. Neveritaweg 1, Amsterdam North

What to do in Amsterdam - Culture: Sexyland
What to do in Amsterdam – Culture: Sexyland
#4: CULTURE: Sexyland

Are you already at he NDSM wharf on the north side of Amsterdam because of the IJhallen? Then you should pay a visit to Sexyland as well! This temporary club has 365 different owners per year, which results in a program packed with the nicest events. From hip hop after parties to art swaps and Comedy Trains: it’s all happening in this creative fort. If you have an idea for an event yourself, take your chance: some nights are still available.

Address: Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39, Amsterdam North

What to do in Amsterdam - Green: Hortus Botanicus
What to do in Amsterdam – Green: Hortus Botanicus
#5: GREEN: Hortus Botanicus

You can also find yourself surrounded by nature within the city center. The Hortus Botanicus is the perfect example! This green oasis is excellent for some day dreaming, and for spotting exotic plant species. Besides that, the mission of the Hortus is to raise awareness for current issues between humans and the plant world. There’s no better way to do that than in an interactive, low-key manner. That’s why the Hortus organizes cool events like their workshop ‘make an ecosystem in a bottle’. And… the Hortus Botanicus is also a great location for parties and weddings!

Addresa: Plantage Middenlaan 2A, Amsterdam city center

What to do in Amsterdam - Food: Instock
What to do in Amsterdam – Food: Instock
#6: FOOD: Instock

At Instock we create delicious meals from surplus food! The cooks create the most yummy dishes based on the harvest of the day. It is always a surprise what you will be eating. A damaged carrot might be turned into a carrot cake and an odd shaped sprout might become kimchi as a side dish for your burger. It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat meat and/or fish, we always make sure that we have vegetarian or vegan options for you. And if you want to learn how to preserve your food ánd make it taste even better, you’re also at the right address. Our chefs teach several preservation techniques in a monthly Masterclass.  If a Masterclass is a bit too serious for you, you can also just enjoy special craft beers with rescued snacks on ‘Beer Tuesday’ or some sparkling wine with a champagne breakfast in the weekends.

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam East

What to do in Amsterdam - Food & Culture: De Ceuvel
What to do in Amsterdam – Food & Culture: De Ceuvel
#7: FOOD & CULTURE: de ceuvel

The locals already discovered this pearl in the north side of Amsterdam. The Ceuvel is a chill proof spot to enjoy you free afternoon! This environment friendly cafe is a popular spot for creatives and social entrepreneurs. You can grab a bite while enjoying the view over the water. They also have more than enough events with subjects like sustainability, art, creativity, recycling and change. What do you think about a clothing swap party and a documentary about the clothing industry? We know where we will be!

Address: Korte Papaverweg 2 t/m 6, Amsterdam North

What to do in Amsterdam - Food, Green & Culture: Buurtboerderij 'Ons Genoegen'
What to do in Amsterdam – Food, Green & Culture: Neighborhood Farm ‘Our Pleasure’
#8: FOOD, GREEN & CULTURE: Neighborhood farm ‘Our Pleasure’

Do you want to escape the crowded city center? We have a great spot for you to recharge yourself. Neighborhood farm ‘Our Pleasure’ in the Westerpark is the place to go! There is so much to do: you can grab a bite, take a yoga lesson or watch bands perform before they are know by the big audience. Want to watch a movie in the open air?? Also possible! And for the nature lovers there are events with many workshops and performances.

Address: Spaarndammerdijk 319, Amsterdam West

What to do in Amsterdam - Shopping: LENA The Fashion Library
What to do in Amsterdam – Shopping: LENA The Fashion Library
#9: SHOPPING: Lena the fashion library

It’s a common problem: you have a party, but you don’t want to buy an outfit that you will never ever ware again after this event. LENA The Fashion Library has the perfect solutions for this problem! You can borrow clothing pieces from this store for as long as you want. This means that you can say ‘no’ to fast fashion but still look fabulous on each and every day while contributing to a more sustainable society. Did you borrow something and fallen completely in love with it? No worries, there is always the options to buy that stunning piece you never ever wanna give up again. They also have a website, so you can always take a peek in their collection.

Address: Westerstraat 174H, Amsterdam city center

What to do in Amsterdam - Green: Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve / Geitenyoga
What to do in Amsterdam – Green: Goat farm Ridammerhoeve / Goat yoga
#10: GREEN: Goat farm Ridammerhoeve / goat yoga

You can spend your day at the Amsterdam Forrest in so many ways. You can relax and cyle around (on the road or on the water), take a canoe ride, visit the Dutch pancake house or… go to the goat farm! If there is one success recipe for happy humans, it’s cuddling these lovable cute little animals. Do you want to do something that you will never forget, for sure? Then you should take a goat yoga lesson on Saturday or Sunday morning.  Wait… what? Yes you read it right! Choose a goat, take him to a special barn and join a group of around 15 people to do the Downward Facing Dog and the Child’s Pose with goats jumping around you. It’s hilarious and you will have the time of your life!

Address: Nieuwe Meerlaan 4, Amstelveen

What to do in Amsterdam - Culture: Het Bostheater
What to do in Amsterdam – Culture: The Amsterdam Forrest Theater
#11: CULTURE: the Amsterdam Forrest Theater

Another exquisite place is the theater in the Amsterdam Forerst. There is enough place at the open air tribune for extensive picknick’s on a beautiful late summer day. Concerts, theater performances and shows for children are scheduled regularly. There is no better way to end a relaxing day in the forrest with a show during sunset, right?

Address: De Duizendmeterweg 7, Amstelveen

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